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RULES for posting betting systems

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Posted October 2, 2006

The purpose of this forum is to discuss betting systems.

The rules are here to encourage people to provide information so discussions and cooperation is possible. If you want to post a system but are not willing to give information about it then check out the Glory Hunters Forum.


Rules for posting betting systems.

Top post must contain following info:

- A description of the betting system, bet selection process and staking plan.

Obviously we want as much details as possible but it is not required. A statement like "it's private, under wraps, secret" however is not sufficient. You must give a description of the bet selection process as well as the staking plan used sufficient for anyone else to get a clear idea of what's involved. The whole idea of this Forum is to share information about a chosen betting system or strategy. The more information you post the more chance you have of someone else making a contribution to your system.

- Clearly state if the system is a 'real life' system or a 'paper trail' system. Real life means you think the system is ready to be used with real money, paper trail means you are still testing and proofing and you do not recommend putting money on the system yet.

Other rules:

- Stick to a single thread per Betting System.

- Post bets before the event with all info related to the bet(s) ( what you bet on, price and bookmaker, stake size, etc... ) It will be much appreciated if the bet selections are posted sufficient time before the event to allow others to follow the system and place bets themselves.

- Absolutely no editing of posts containing selections You can edit the thread title or top post to show the current status of the system. If you made a mistake add another post with the correction or ask one of the mods to do the edit for you.

- Keep a running account of the results and update regularly. It will be most appreciated to provide an update of the systems results every time you post the results of placed bets, if this is not possible please state the frequency of the update, for example weekly, end of the weekend.

System result must contain as a minimal: Current bank , Profit (or Loss) , Yield

These results should be posted as a running overview of the system for as long as its been running.

It will be appreciated to write the system result with the full info : Starting bank Current bank Total staked Number of bets Winning bets Losing bets Strike rate Yield Profit (or Loss)

When calculating system results take into account costs like commission.

Results are calculated like this :

Strike rate = Winning bets / Total bets ( written as a percentage )

Yield = Profit (or Loss) / Total staked ( written as a percentage )

It is also recommended to use a 100 point starting bank. This is most easy to relate to for most people and allows better for comparisons to be made.

No commercial Tipsters/Websites/Services. This Forum is not intended for commercial Tipsters/Websites/Services/Etc... to post proofing threads or even to plainly advertise. ( either openly or covertly ) Any thread deemed to fall under this category will be remove and the poster banned at the sole discretion of the moderators team. Any exception to this rule needs to be requested beforehand by contacting PL's owner Paul Ross on